OLU helps you to

Get things done and reach your goals

Achieve what you really want from life. It’s so easy when you know how to do it.

Stop wasting time and feeling bad about yourself

Break the downwards spiral. Stop stressing out, get things done and be happy with yourself.

Become the best version of yourself

Live the life of your dreams and be proud of yourself. You deserve it!

How it works

Discover your own psychology and learn about yourself

Get an understanding of when, why and how you procrastinate

Recreate yourself by replacing your old habits with new healthy ones

Find out what works for you and stop procrastination by implementing a new way of thinking and acting

Grow with a new level of productivity, confidence and satisfaction

Live the new stress-free version of yourself. Achieve what you want and don’t feel guilty for procrastinating anymore.

A personalized step-by-step journey to stop procrastination, boost willpower and become the best version of yourself.

What’s included:

87 personalized daily lessons

from one of our Licensed Coaches & Behavior Psychologists, every day in your mailbox

Productivity plan, methods and tools

that increase your productivity level and focus throughout the day

Only one 10-15 minute task per day

that will hugely reduce your procrastination time every day and improve your concentration ability, based on the latest science about human behavior

Daily instructions from our life coaches

that help you to follow your journey and keep you on track

Users love our program

Alia Shari


OMG I wish I´d have known my type of procrastination a few years earlier. Learning how to work with it was so powerful. I got my dream job 5 weeks after I completed this program. Thank you, OLU team!

Markus Graberg


I thought this would only help me with getting rid of procrastination, but it did way more. After completing this program, I’ve taken my business and relationships to another level.

Helen Laiko


The best thing about this program is that it takes me only 10-15 min per day and I’m getting more and more things done from day to day with no effort or stress. 

Methods featured in:

Join over 120,000 people achieving their goals and becoming a better version of themself!

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